Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photo Walk

Anna Tao writes:

"A Photo Walk is just as it sounds:you walk around and shoot whatever you see.You can either join a Photo Walk group, start a group, or just do this with a friend.Challenge yourself by going to different types of locations and going at different times of the day to get different types light.I prefer locations that make me have to search for art, like an abandoned construction site or a subway.

When you’re on a Photo Walk, you can see how someone else shoots – such as, what catches their eye, what angles are they shooting from, how are they composing the shot, what settings do they use, and what are they shooting?

After the Photo Walk, share your best shots with each other to see how you interpreted the same location or subjects."

Art & Photography: Carl Kleiner | Feature Shoot

Art & Photography: Carl Kleiner | Feature Shoot: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"